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Word from Bill Gates

GatesWay Hello, my name is Bill Gates. You may know me as a founder of Microsoft and a true philanthropist. For for the past couple years I�ve spent over $2.5 Billion dollars and countless man hours on a secret project which I can finally reveal.
I want to make a real difference in the world. And the direction I decided to go to is wealth redistribution. For too long have the top point one percent been hoarding majority of world wealth. Now I will change that by redistributing it back to regular people, hopefully blurring the big gap between upper class.
My team has developed an algorithm which can predict the movement of stock prices with 77% accuracy, while the best Wall Street brokers hover just slightly above 50%. To keep the stock market from collapsing, this algorithm has been locked to work on Binary trading which only allows to make 200$ trade at a time. This way money will slowly drip from the rich back to the regular people without causing chaos by happening too fast.
My prediction is that by 2026 majority of worlds wealth will redistributed among regular people, and there will be no poverty.
My algorithm is called the Gates Way, and after setting it up with your brokers account, it will automatically make winning trades for you with 77% accuracy. I personally guarantee at least 1,455$ profits per day, but in real world the software generates way more than that.
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While using my software you can earn quite good income for you and your familly as well you ar blurring the gap between rich and standard people. The abosule minimum you need is a computer or smartphone with a network connection and small deposit to start trading. For your comfort you are able to withdraw earnings in your first day. Our typical user earns about $700-$1200 per day, starting from 1st day!
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